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Alignment + Action

How much time are you willing to invest?

How fast do you want to go?

We will cater to your availability and needs as we build a coaching and consulting schedule and approach that achieves your unique goals and objectives. And, we don't have to start from scratch. Below are several options that offer possible approaches based on the experience of other clients.


Many of our clients begin with a comprehensive assessment of their business practices and behaviors to identify key areas they want to focus on. Our assessments include observation of key organizational ceremonies/meetings, facilitated team retrospectives, and individual interviews. The assessment results are presented to the leadership team with a ranked backlog of recommended actions designed to generate the highest ROI for change.


Create Alignment and Clarity

Executive team coaching to create clarity of strategy, practice, and communication across the organization. Dig into team and organizational issues and solve tough problems so you and your team can stay aligned and focused.

  • Executive Team Alignment Workshop as described below.
  • Regular Executive Team coaching sessions to integrate new working agreements into daily practice and consider new approaches and perspectives to solving tough problems.
  • Regular interviews with members of the extended leadership team and organization to develop insights.

Speed Time to Results

Invest more time in learning and adaptation to go faster. Tackle tough problems more quickly and speed up the learning process. This requires more investment of the executive teams' time, which is precious, so requires making this work a strategic priority.

Inclusive of previous, and:

  • Strategy Formulation Workshop as described below.
  • Update existing Executive Team working meetings (typically held weekly) to focus on advancing and measuring strategic direction.

Engage the whole business for highest impact

Turn strategy into rapid and aligned action by establishing disciplined whole-company quarterly planning practices with the extended leadership team. This approach generates the fastest results as you will regularly turn your strategic intent into clear action in the business and then incorporate the feedback and learning quickly into your next planning cycle.

Inclusive of previous, and:

  • Planning and Steering Meetings as described below.
    • Evolve or add to your current planning processes to support company-level planning and steering and follow-through activities with the extended leadership team. 
    • Balance strategic focus ("working ON the business") and committed execution work ("working IN the business") by creating shared ownership for your strategic plan.

In addition to the above approaches, we offer workshops designed to resolve tough problems in your senior leadership team and allow you to get focused on the vital work of guiding and growing your business.


A growing executive team often encounters growing pains. New members struggle to fit in with the "core team". New roles and responsibilities aren't clearly understood and bumps and gaps occur. All of this leads to a lack of clarity in message and alignment around goals that can cascade into confusion across the business.

This workshop focuses on increasing trust and collaboration by engaging in actionable work. Typically, this manifests as a team-based working session to address core strategic and organizational issues and develop working agreements.


The bounty of growth and opportunity also brings with it the burden of choice. Which strategy should we pursue? Which market, customer segment, product offering? How many can we pursue at once? These choices can paralyze or overtax executives and organizations.

This workshop focuses on creating clarity across the business to increase alignment and improve results. Typically these sessions center around a team-based workshop to elaborate and align around nested strategies looking out 3-5 years, 1 year, and quarterly.

Planning and steering meetings

Bring together the key decision makers in your business to turn your strategy into execution. These strategy deployment meetings are key to ensuring your strategic decisions don't stay locked in the C-Suite.

Expert meeting design and facilitation ensures everyone in the business can:

  • Understand the current business context
  • Collaborate to solve problems
  • Visualize organizational dependencies
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Make a shared commitment


Certified Scrum Courses

Our roots in the Agile world run deep, and to stay connected to our core practices, we continue to offer courses to teach Scrum and Agile practices to learners at all stages.

Click here to see upcoming Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner courses.